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Cambridge Librarians

Team having a discussion over notebooks, laptop and coffee

The Libraries Research Support Group (LRSG) was set up in December 2019 to inform the development of library services that support research across the range of disciplines at Cambridge. The group  opens up communication channels to disseminate messages from central services to Faculties/Departments and Colleges, and to use knowledge from Faculties/Departments and Colleges to develop central services. 


Members cooperate on projects with scope beyond a single library or office, such as researching current and future needs, sharing resources, and developing training proposals. Wherever appropriate, the LRSG also collaborates with other staff who possess additional expertise and contacts.  


Finally, the group acts as a forum to share knowledge, best practice and resources, leading to greater quality and efficiency of services.  


Current members:  

Andrew Corrigan, Digital Library Coordinator, Cambridge University Library

Bea Gini (convenor), Training Coordinator, Office of Scholarly Communication 

Charlotte Smith, Research Support Librarian, Engineering Library 

Clair Castle, Librarian, Department of Chemistry 

Claire Sewell, Research Support Librarian, Betty and Gordon Moore Library 

Clare Trowell, Librarian, Marshall Library of Economics 

Dominic Dixon, Research Librarian, University Library 

George Cronin, Deputy Librarian, Biological Sciences 

Katherine Burchell (interim secretary), Scholarly Communication Support, Office of Scholarly Communication

Katie Hughes, User Experience Librarian, Judge Business School 

Liz Osman, Fellow Librarian, Homerton College 

Lucy Woolhouse, Reader Services Librarian, Queens’ College 

Mary Chester-Kawell, Senior Software Developer, Cambridge University Library

Matthias Ammon, Research Support Librarian, Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics 

Meg Westbury, Academic Services Librarian, Human and Social Sciences

Mehves Dignum (secretary), Assistant Librarian, Plant Sciences and Genetics 

Veronica Phillips, Assistant Librarian, Medical Library 


For enquiries, email Bea Gini (